Unikum Gallery is located at Fornkullegatan 2 in Jönköping, closest busstop is Gräshagen Centrum about 10 minutes by bus from the train station. See Contact in the menu for google maps directions!

Yes! I would be honored to make your next tattoo! I have been tattooing profesionally since 2009, and always stay up to date with new regulations and issues in the tattoo industry.
I prefer making custom tattoos with lots of colors and the last few years I have done a lot of paint-effects like water color, spraypaint or brushstrokes. I also do a little bit of newschool / cartoon tattoos and a little bit of semi-realism. I prefer not to tattoo fingers, palms, genitals or faces, mainly because I can’t guarrantee a good healing, and also there are lots of other tattooers that can do a great job  tattooing those areas. If I don’t feel comfortable with a tattoo you want I would rather help you find another artist that is more fitting for the project.
I work with 100 % vegan and colors from the brands Eternal,, WorldFamous  Dynamic under sterile conditions. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of tattooing, safety, healing prosess and anything else!